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Another discovery – vertical transom windows!

November 17, 2011    

Old buildings conceal many secrets.  Above these entrances to the College Avenue stairwell and Beau Jo’s kitchen (see photo), a metal skin has concealed another set of transom windows for decades.  


Long forgotten, these windows must have resembled the transom windows we are rebuilding above the storefronts to the north along College Avenue (see the photo below).  The similarity in their position and framing style suggests they are original.  

Notice, though, that they are shaped quite differently.  The newly discovered transom windows are vertical, while the others are horizontal.  Perhaps the contrast was the idea of Montezuma Fuller, the building’s architect – a creative flourish.  We’ll never know for sure.

Transom windows like these above the College Avenue storefronts of the Avery Building were popular among architects at the start of the 20th century.  Seen here in the beautiful interior of Rocky Mountain Olive Oil Company, they add sunlight and drama to the store interior.


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