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Removing ancient paint safely.

October 17, 2011        

This “PeelAway” technique for removing paint is fast, safe for passersby on the sidewalk, and environmentally friendly.

The PeelAway membrane has been removed, taking most of the old paint with it.  Old signage is now visible.

Historic preservation often requires a lot of work in public spaces.  So, safety is always a primary concern.  Meanwhile, we’re also focused on using techniques that produce fast results, meet our quality standards, and create no adverse environmental impact.  This “peel away” technique for removing layers of old paint is a good example.  The membrane softens the old paint, and when it is removed most of the paint comes off with it.  The wall materials beneath the paint are undamaged, and in this case the paint-removal process has revealed signage from many years ago.


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