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No bloodletting, surgery or tooth extractions.  Just a haircut!

November 9, 2011    

During the Middle Ages, a striped “barber’s pole” advertised a lot more than it does today.  In those days, barbers performed surgery on customers, pulled out bad teeth and occasionally applied leeches to cure a variety of medical complaints!

Today, barbers are more specialized, and the barber’s pole in Dean’s Barber Shop promises you only a great haircut.  No surgery.  (Not even a quick tooth extraction.)

What makes Dean’s barber’s pole special is that it’s finally electrically illuminated and turning again after many years.  It’s a classic!


Dean’s barber’s pole rides again!  With a little TLC, we’ve restored another piece of history in the Avery Building.  

Yesterday marked another milestone at Dean’s Barber Shop.  We installed the last of the new stone window sills over the barber shop.  For more on the new sandstone sills we’re installing in the Avery Building, see the 10/31 blog post, “New sandstone sills reverse the erosion caused by 114 years of Colorado weather.”

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